Our music

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Mid-tempo instrumental bluegrass, with the hint of an alient abduction.

Solo banjo. Very fast, driving bluegrass banjo with great broken tempo stabs.

Piano, light drums. Witty, mid-tempo stride piano with light drums in a tribute to the great Fats Waller.  1:28 to 1:59 - stop time section with drum 'soft shoe' brushes. Recorded circa 1998.

Classic slide guitar blues by blues legend, Bukka White, with his inimitable growly vocals.

Slow, hard and deliberate acoustic guitar. Dischordant, and melancholy.

Adagio strings.

Duration 6 seconds. African vocal stab.

Duration 5 seconds. African vocal stab.

Duration 4 seconds. African vocal stab.

Duration 10 seconds. Single powerful percussive beat with prolonged African vocal "Ay-o", plus ambient sounds.

Duration 22 seconds. Almost entirely ambient jungle sounds, slightly spooky.

Duration 9 seconds. African percussion sting.

Duration 7 seconds. African vocal chorus sting.

Duration 11 seconds. Soothing, male-dominant African vocal cadence sting, with xylophone tail-off.

Duration 10 seconds. Powerful African male vocal cadence with xylophone tail-off.

Tribal flute and African choir with powerful percussion. High-spirited.

Duration 39 seconds.  Ambient and hypnotic chill out motif hinting at devastation after the storm has passed.

Smooth and dreamy drum & bass with possibly the last vocals from Diane Charlemagne, who tragically died in October 2015. Main vocal line "Don't look down".

Slick vocal house/EDM, with pitched-down vocals, and strong melodic theme.

Emotive underscore with warm strings, piano and downtempo beats.