Music Publishing

Music publishing rights are the rights in a musical composition (i.e. what you could whistle or write down on a musical score). The author of a musical composition is called a composer (or composer/author if he/she wrote a composition that included words e.g. a song).  When a composition is included on a CD or download, or played on radio/TV, or streamed on the internet, or synchronised with a film etc, it generates a royalty, and one of the key functions of a music publisher is to make sure those royalties filter through to the composer (as quickly as possible).

Music publishers also look for opportunities to generate income from the musical compositions they represent, be it through a record deal, a synchronisation, or public performance.

We look after around 250 composers exclusively.

Neighbouring Rights

Another aspect of the work we do is representing record labels’ and artists’ broadcast rights around the world. In the same way that a musical composition generates a royalty when it is played on radio/TV, in most (but not all) countries, a commercially released sound recording does the same.

We look after over 200 record labels’ and over 230 artist’ broadcast rights.


For those individuals and companies that we represent exclusively, we are always available to offer advice based on our considerable experience in the industry.  We are happy to look over such things as record deals, distribution contracts, artist contracts, remix agreements, synchronisation agreements (which we will try to negotiate) – indeed any kind of music-related agreement that we are presented with!  We do not charge separately for this service – we are happy to take the risk that the time we spend advising our clients will be paid for just through our share of royalties under our agreements with them.